Somewhere between your left brain and your right brain there is a point of optimum balance. It's the point where reason meets intuition, action meets stillness, passion blends with purpose and creativity finds its language.

About me

My life and my career have been constantly moving between the analytical, logical and rational aspects of my left brain and the intuitive, passionate and creative right brain. I have an MBA from one of the top business schools in Europe. And I am also a travel writer. I have built a career in management consulting. And I have given it up more than once to follow my passions.

I can analyse a business and I have worked as a consultant and programme manager for top companies such as Apple, Sony and eBay. I have used my analytical skills and traditional business tools for them but it is only when I have crossed the line and started working intuitively that I have delivered my best results.

I have followed my puzzling and often contradictory life path as it has taken me from right to left and back again, on sharp turns and through abrupt changes, from the meeting rooms of the corporate world to the jungles of Africa. I have learned from Fortune 500 executives and passionate entrepreneurs as well as from shamans and intuitive psychics. I can make sense of the numbers on a spreadsheet and I can also sense and work with the energy of a business.

I am a management consultant, an entrepreneur and a writer. I am also an energy medicine practitioner and a Reiki therapist. I carry all these worlds within me and I respect and trust each of them. And I have dedicated my life and work to bringing them together. Because somewhere between the left brain and the right brain there is a fine point of equilibrium.

As a coach and healer I believe in a blend of approaches. We are beings that function at different levels: physical, emotional, mental, energetic. For me, a comprehensive coaching approach needs to address all these aspects.

As a certified executive coach I work with clients  on the mental – emotional level. As a Reiki Master and energy medicine practitioner trained in the tradition of the Peruvian Q’ero shamans I work with clients at the energetic and soul level. And as a passionate practitioner of mindfulness techniques I support clients in developing a practice of meditation and mindfulness  that helps them conserve and expand their personal power.


Seven and a Half Minutes - The Polo Diaries Book 3 - June 2020

A Horse Called Bicycle -The Polo Diaries Book 2 - January 2020

Single in Buenos Aires - The Polo Diaries Book 1 - 2019

Personal Power. Mindfulness Techniques for the Corporate World 2018

Through Dust and Dreams. The Story of an African Adventure 2014

Prin Praf si Vise (Romanian Title) 2008

My Business Transformation expertise, my approach, and case studies are detailed on my company’s website Value Associates:

I founded this company in 2006 and since then have successfully delivered projects across a variety of industries and geographical locations specialising in project management, restructuring and turnaround, international expansions, operational performance improvement, change management and entrepreneurship.


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