Book Launch: Single in Buenos Aires - 2 July 2019


If everything were to disappear from my life except my writing, I would still be happy. I write because the words come to me out of nowhere and take me to places I had not previously thought to go. Later on these words become books or blogs or simply stay there hidden on the paper where they have landed.

I write because I have to. I write because it keeps my fire alive and if I try to silence it I feel I’m slowly dying inside. I write because the words that come to me want to be set free and I let them go where they need to be.

I let my energy flow out with them and pray that they go and find their own way. They go but the energy I have sent free with them comes back to me ten thousand times more powerful.



Single in Buenos Aires

The Polo Diaries Book 1

Forty-one-year-old polo player Roxy arrives in Argentina with a to-do list that includes healing from a polo injury and falling in love with a handsome Argentine. From polo boots to tango shoes, the adrenaline of riding horses to glamorous after-game parties, Roxy learns to navigate this unfamiliar landscape with the help of new friends who teach her to take life as it comes. But will she find true love? Over three months in Buenos Aires, nothing goes according to plan, and yet, all the items on her list mysteriously get ticked off in the end. Just not the way she had imagined.

Fans of the Bridget Jones series will love the blend of humor, travel, and romantic comedy at the heart of Single in Buenos Aires, all topped off with the unforgettable flavor of life in one of the most sensual and passionate cities in the world.

The books in the Polo Diaries Series are inspired by true stories. 

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Personal Power - Mindfulness Techniques for the Corporate World

This book is about your power. Blending concepts of psychology, mindfulness and practical spirituality with the author’s over twenty years of experience in the corporate world it presents a simple yet powerful seven step framework to connect with your power and use it to manifest the life that you want.

You will learn to Ground, Cleanse and Protect your energy. You will tap into what you already Know and learn how to Decide using your power base. You will be reminded about how to Direct your energy to manifest abundance and how to Reflect and constantly improve your process.

All this intertwined with the author’s own personal stories from the corporate world and beyond, sharing successes and failures, trials and errors and practical situations on how and when to use the principles presented in this book.

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Through Dust and Dreams / Prin praf şi vise (Romanian title)

At a crossroads in her life, Roxana decides to take a ten-day safari trip to Africa. In Namibia, she meets a local guide who talks about “the courage to become who you are” and tells her that “the world belongs to those who dream”.

Her holiday over, Roxana still carries the spell of his words within her soul. Six months later she quits her job and searches for a way to fulfil an old dream: crossing Africa from north to south. Teaming up with Richard and Peter, two total strangers she meets over the internet, Roxana starts a journey that will take her and her companions from Morocco to Namibia, crossing deserts and war-torn countries and surviving threats from corrupt officials and tensions within their own group.

Through Dust and Dreams is the story of their journey: a story of courage and friendship, of daring to ask questions and search for answers, and of self-discovery on a long, dusty road south.

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Polo Diaries Series Books 2 & 3

A Horse Called Bicycle - Book 2

Seven and a Half Minutes - Book 3