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Through dust and dreams

Press / Blog reviews

These extracts are taken from reviews of Prin praf si vise, the earlier Romanian edition of Through Dust and Dreams. All have been translated into English from the original Romanian.

“What impressed me was that the author had the courage to follow her dreams, to give up her career in Italy after an MBA and a job in Switzerland; to leave everything for Africa. On reading [Prin praf si vise], I found myself in every word.”

From the Călător în Africa [Traveller in Africa] blog.

“I witnessed not only the evolution of the writer, but of the author as a person. It’s amazing how an experience like this can change you.”

From Full review here (Romanian language):

“I love this kind of reading that makes me completely detach myself from everyday life and forces me to go into a completely different world, a real character, living every emotion and every feeling described… It was a great read that I invite you to discover.”

From the Momente in Viata [Moments in Life] blog. Full review here (Romanian language):

“I've been reading [Prin praf si vise] and I couldn’t stop until I reached the last page.”

From the Calator sau Turist [Traveller or Tourist] blog. Full review here (Romanian language):

“For me it was a very beautiful book, a perfect read for when I wanted to relax. I thought it was going to take me a while to read but it didn’t. Once you get into it, you don’t really want to put it down; it’s one of those books that you only leave to sleep (and I don’t say that often)… It’s a book that’s really worth reading.”

From the Un detaliu [A Detail] blog. Full review here (Romanian language):

“I rarely read books over 400 pages. And it rarely happens that I put off reading because I don’t want it to end…”

From the DHaiHui blog. Full review here (Romanian language):

“The book reveals an exciting adventure, full of adrenaline, but also uncovers questions about the meaning of life and about dreams unfulfilled.”

From Full review here (Romanian language):

“...a book that I recommend to travel enthusiasts.”

From the InteresArt [Interest in Art] blog. Full review here (Romanian language):

“But curiously, this book, crammed with so many perils, makes you want to go to Africa to see it with your own eyes: to feel the suffocating heat of the desert, to feel the African sun in your veins, to feel that a sand dune can be more challenging than the Himalayas, to feel how valuable a sip of water in a dry place can be and, last but not least, to see why Africa can infect you so badly that you’ll risk your life for it.”

From the blog. Full review here (Romanian language):

“The most beautiful travel journal I’ve read so far (and believe me I've read enough of them).”

From Full review here (Romanian language):

“I read the book four times and each time fascinated me.”

From Diva Hair blog. Full review here (Romanian language):

Reader reviews

“What an amazing adventure! I loved every page of this book.” Goodreads reviewer of Prin praf si vise

“A lovely chance for the armchair explorer to travel the wilds of Africa.” Amazon UK reviewer of Through Dust and Dreams