Love what you do and do what you love. For me living is about passion. 

Passion is the fuel of life. Without it things do not move because the energy is low. Passion is what keeps me motivated, what makes me burn, what keeps me alive, what helps me live well and work well, what gives meaning to my life.

Passion sometimes rises up within me unexpectedly; at other times it’s like an old friend who’s been patiently waiting to talk to me. When I push it away it often comes back and it smiles when I finally make time for it.

Here are some of my passions and how they showed up in my life.


Living in the now is where we become whole. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, my Reiki or energy medicine work, I have learned to recognise and honour the flow of the universal energy in my life.

It has taken me on incredible journeys and showed me places of amazing beauty. I have learned to trust and surrender to it and have dedicated my life to integrating this flow of energy into everything that I do.


When I was a little girl I was often asked what I would do when I grew up. ‘Go to Africa,’ I would reply. I did not know why and where this answer came from. But I knew one thing: I would go to Africa one day.

Twenty years later it became a reality: I crossed Africa from North to South in a Land Rover with two others. My book Through Dust and Dreams tells the story of this African Adventure. A dream came true

The desert

I first experienced the desert in Namibia at the end of a two weeks holiday. It touched me deeply. I found it many more times ever since in Libya, Egypt, Jordan or crossing Sahara.

I know it is there waiting for me and when I feel overwhelmed or lost I know it will be there with its vast emptiness, its moving sand dunes and I know it will cleanse me and restore me to who I truly am.


We are not always who we think we are. We don't know who we might be either, until we explore the possibilities, feel different smells, taste different foods, connect to different people and find out how similar we are despite the differences.

I have travelled to more than 60 countries, worked in more than 10, lived in 8. I have slept in the sand in the Sahara and travelled on a boat down the Congo river, I have worked with Russian managers in Moscow and American dot com executives in the Silicon Valley. I have dined in luxurious hotels in Dubai and shared a meal with the Himba nomads in Namibia and I loved all these experiences. 


This one came as a  surprise and was brought about by two dogs meeting one frozen winter morning on the streets of London.

Polo gripped me with a powerful passion and I followed its call. I broke both arms playing polo and then I played again. I won tournaments and lost others.  I discovered a new level of connection to a horse, to my teammates and to a small plastic ball, a connection I thought was not possible before. I trained hard, I played hard and I tried hard and then one day I found out that the best shot was effortless. 

The sea

When I am tired I go to the sea. When I am depleted and feel I have hit rock bottom I go to the sea. I go there when I'm happy or when I want to create something new, when I want to relax or when I want to have fun.

It welcomes me every time, it cleanses me and strengthens me, it restores me and gets me ready for whatever comes next. Sailing, scuba diving or simply lying on the beach, I feel the sea is always there for me.


I find passion in working. In the books I have written. In the start-ups  I have created,  in the projects that I have delivered. In the slides of a presentation that went well. In doing what I feel is right for a person or a business.

I discovered that passion, work and life go well together and  work-life balance is in fact a measure of the joy you find in your work. And that passion doesn't need to be an extra curricular activity.